Lifting and Transferring equipment

For handling various pieces, such as steel and aluminium plates, wooden panels, profiled pieces, elements, logs, boards, planks, strips along with further bulk goods.


The scope of application covers various sectors of industry and each equipment is customised to meet the client’s products and production.

Gripping is done mechanically or by using vacuum. The most common application involves feeding from stack to work line and from the line to further processing.


Development plan (Strategy)

  • You can start by bocking meeting with us from the link below.
  • During meeting we ask few questions and collect information to understand which is the best solution that solve your problem.
  • We try to understand what is your next goals and get more specific on the problem you need to solve.
  • Creating first prototype of lifting device and discuss it with you on how we can optimize to get best result.
  • Defining the right budget and delivery time for your lifter.
  • After we agree all the technical details and measurement then we design offer drawing that describe best your desired lifter.
  • Finally giving you the quotation with all details that already agreed during discussion phase.


  • Speed up product flow by eliminating bottleneck.
  • Prevent employee accedent.
  • Less personal is needed to move product that will impact operation cost.
  • Saving in factory space to store prducts.
  • Prevent product damage from urface scratch and bending.



  • We offer different models varries from standard ready design to customized to customer special needs.
  • Extendable solutions with telescope.
  • We offer internet of things IOT, with different options.

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